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Ingredifind makes it easy for your customers to find dishes that fit their dietary needs and preferences, while also streamlining your menu and enhancing the customer experience. Upgrade your menu game and attract more health-conscious customers with Ingredifind today!

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Filterable Menu

With just a click, your customers can find dishes that meet their unique needs and preferences. Elevate your restaurant to a new standard of care with Ingredifind.

Auto Tracking

Make allergens and preferences effortless with our automated detection. No more manual tracking or errors, just a seamless experience for your customers.

Lower Premiums

By using Ingredifind, you can take advantage of up to a 20% discount on your insurance premiums. Get rewarded for dish transparency.

More Business

Offer your customers a more personalized dining experience and watch your establishment's popularity soar.

Chose how to share your menu.

We want your community to see your establishment as much as you do. Share your menu in which ever way that fits you and your marketing needs.

Online Link

Upon signing up, you'll receive a personalized link to your restaurant's menu, such as igfd.menu/your-restaurant. Share this link on social media or your website for easy access to your menu anytime, anywhere.

QR code

Enhance your restaurant's customer experience by providing an effortless way for them to access your menu. With our complimentary QR code kit, you'll receive both a black and white version of your code to place on tables for easy scanning.

Our App

Once your menu is complete, we can promote your establishment on our app, making it easier for customers to discover and explore your dishes. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your establishment's online presence!

Streamline Your Menu Management

Make menu management effortless and enhance your customer experience with Ingredifind! Our user-friendly menu maker allows you to create your menus in minutes and add new menu sections and dishes with ease and speed.

One Place For All Your Dishes

Keep all your dish information organized and easily accessible with Ingredifind! Quickly view dish names, descriptions, allergens, and preferences, and view all dishes in your restaurant with ease. Streamline your menu management and enhance your customer experience with Ingredifind.

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