Hi, we’re Ingredifind

We're Here To Make A Difference

We help everyone — restaurants, their employees, and their customers — find what they need efficiently. When you tap into the power of Ingredifind, you’re entering a community of restaurants and customers who care about what’s important.

Raising Awareness

To empower you with the knowledge and resources you need to make informed choices and stay safe while dining.

New Standards

By working closely with chefs and food service professionals to enhance their knowledge and understanding of various dietary needs.


In dishes by encouraging restaurants to provide detailed information about ingredients, so you can enjoy a safe and worry-free dining experience.

Our Team

From the founders to ambassadors, we are a team driven to make the world a better place for those with dietary restrictions and preferences.

Mark White

Mark White, the CEO and co-founder of Ingredifind, is a Silicon Valley native with a passion for increasing ingredient awareness in restaurant dishes. His personal experience with food allergies and the consequences of a lack of ingredient transparency led him to develop the idea for Ingredifind. In 2019, Mark wrote the first few lines of code for Ingredifind, and in 2021, he co-founded the company with the goal of creating a personal and reliable companion for those with food allergies.

He graduated with BS in Computer Science from Boston University, and combines his technical expertise with his passion for helping others to drive the growth and success of Ingredifind. He is committed to improve the hospitality industry as a whole.

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Nick White

Nick White is a Silicon Valley veteran of startups and a co-founder of Ingredifind. He has been a key player in building SpringSource from Series A to $420M VMware sale, steering Talend through its “teenage” years between startup and $1B~ public company and was one of the key players in taking Elastic from pre-financed idea to a company with over 1,000 employees in 35 countries.

In those roles, Nick has been the foundation of the back-office. Before his involvement in open source, Nick qualified as a Chartered Accountant in England & Wales, a California CPA, and was the Controller at NeXT, reporting to Steve Jobs as it transitioned from hardware to software.

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Our Ambassadors

Monica Price

Monica Price is a broadcaster, writer and the Go-To Health and Wellbeing Expert, working with Sky News, GB News, BBC, TalkTV, Times Radio and many other national television and radio stations across the UK. She is a qualified Nutritional Therapist has over 20 years experience in the health and wellbeing industry. Alongside a degree in Nutritional Therapy and Clinical Practice from the University of Worcester, Monica has a wealth of experience in health & wellbeing, business strategy, health & safety and communications & PR.

She contributes a regular Health & Wellbeing column to a series of Great British Life magazines, alongside offering her expertise to other local magazines and blogs. Monica is passionate about the importance of wellness for the mind and body, mental health awareness, the importance of nutrition, the impact on people working in the beauty industry and how it will shape the future.

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Danièl Rougè Madsen

Danièl Rougè Madsen, a renowned Norwegian chef, is an ambassador for Ingredifind. Madsen is passionate about empowering consumers to make informed decisions when dining out. His stellar culinary career has led him to some of the world's most prominent restaurants, including the three-star Waterside Inn and the two-star Michelin Le Moulin. 

Aside from his culinary accomplishments, Madsen has co-authored the "Best Cookbook of 2012" in Norway and has hosted various TV series, including a cooking show with Gordon Ramsey and a public speaking platform with René Redzeip, proprietor of the famed restaurant Noma. 

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