Oct 10, 2023

David Charlton Joins Ingredifind as Non-Executive Director to Launch the Brand Forward

David Charlton Joins Ingredifind as Non-Executive Director to Launch the Brand Forward

Ingredifind, an innovative allergen management system that simplifies the complex world of allergens for restaurants and customers, is thrilled to announce the appointment of David Charlton as a Non-Executive Director.

With a history of 15 years in the hospitality technology sector, David is set to provide invaluable insights to scale both the operational and revenue facets of Ingredifind, increasing their market share across the UK’s hospitality technology industry.

Having played pivotal roles in multi-million-pound companies such as Yumpingo, Bookatable (now The Fork, a Trip Advisor Company) and Zonal, David's expertise in helping restaurant tech companies scale and amplify their market share in the UK  and the US is unparalleled. 

"For me, Ingredifind really stands out as a unique player in the space, where technology can really help both the restaurant and the consumer. The days of paper-based, out-of-date allergen menus are gone, and consumers expect real-time digital versions at the touch of their fingertips that provide ingredient-level information in every single dish. Technology in hospitality should be there to provide an enhanced customer experience and Ingredifind certainly does that. " David remarked.

David also has a personal connection to Ingredifind’s mission. Living with a mushroom allergy, David understands the challenges of dining out, and how most allergen menus don’t help him.. "Almost 20 million people in the UK are living with food allergies or dietary restrictions, and I know firsthand just how difficult navigating menus can be. Ingredifind is that beacon of clarity for many like me who’s allergy isn’t one of the common 14 allergens," he added.

Founded in 2021 by Mark White, Nick White, and Hanna Ogburn, who herself has dealt with food allergies her entire life, Ingredifind has rapidly become a trusted name, working with restaurants including the Fairmont MC and The Butcher. The platform's allergen management system empowers restaurant owners and chefs to seamlessly track allergens in dishes, ensuring transparency and safety for diners.

With David Charlton onboard, Ingredifind is poised for even greater heights, championing a dining world where everyone, regardless of their dietary needs, can enjoy their meal with confidence.

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Ingredifind is revolutionising the way people eat out with dietary restrictions. Introducing the first ever ingredient focused system to help people with all types of food allergies and diets. Serving restaurants and consumers, restaurants can experience breakthrough technology with auto-detected allergens and diets for dishes. Ingredifind leads the dining experience with the Ingredifind App, helping people discover new restaurants, find suitable dishes, and more.

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