Dec 12, 2023

David Crawford joins Ingredifind as a Non-Exec Director

David Crawford joins Ingredifind as a Non-Exec Director

LONDON, UK – Ingredifind, a leader in allergen and diet management solutions, has announced the appointment of David Crawford as a Non-Executive Director (NED). Crawford, a seasoned technology executive with a history of innovation at companies such as BT, Sky, and Camelot, brings a rich blend of expertise and vision to the Ingredifind team.

"David’s visionary approach to technology and commitment to inclusivity aligns perfectly with our core values and direction. His experience in leading large-scale tech projects and his forward-thinking mindset will  propel our growth and make an impact in the industry," said Mark, CEO of Ingredifind. "We’re excited to welcome him to our team."

Crawford began his career at His Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO) in Norwich and has since been at the forefront of several pioneering tech projects. These include the development of 3D facial recognition for the Beijing Olympic Games and launching the world’s first broadcast TV on a mobile phone. His most recent role as Chief Technology Officer for Naked Wines showcases his ability to lead and innovate in fast-paced environments.

During his time at Sky, he successfully led the 'Women in Technology' initiative, formulating their inclusivity policies. David is also a prominent figure in the London Tech Leaders community, where he presents a quarterly panel, coaching executive teams on embracing technology more effectively.

"I am excited to join Ingredifind at this pivotal time," said David Crawford. "Ingredifind's commitment to simplifying allergen and diet management is innovative, and socially significant. I look forward to contributing my experience in technology and leadership to further empower restaurants and consumers, making dining out a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions."

David's role as NED at Ingredifind will be critical in driving forward the company's mission to simplify allergen and dietary management in the food industry. His track record of technological innovation and his dedication to inclusive practices in the workplace will be instrumental in enhancing the Ingredifind platform, ensuring it remains at the forefront of user experience and technological advancement.

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