Feb 12, 2023

Ingredifind announce the appointment of nutritionist Monica Price

Ingredifind announce the appointment of nutritionist Monica Price

Monica Price nutritionist has joined the global company Ingredifind as a Consultant and Ambassador.

Silicon Valley native Mark White has teamed up with his father and successful tech veteran Nick White to launch Ingredifind. The platform enables restaurants to create customised digital menus, which allow customers to filter for food allergies, preferences, and personalised diet plans.

White said “I was a guest on the Monica Price Show in California USA broadcast on Rockefellas TV. It was during our discussions off air that we talked about nutrition in more detail. Knowing that Monica is a specialist in her field, I decided immediately that Monica would be a great asset to our business and I am absolutely delighted that she will be working with us. We have a new App called Ingredifind which will be launching very soon, and Monica brings a wealth of experience both on a media front, presenting, and of course her specialist knowledge of nutrition, health and allergies, to build on the success of our business.”

Price said “I have long since thought that we need some uniformed system for identifiying allergies in our food. Apps are so frequently used now that this makes the process simple. Once Mark appeared on my television show in the USA, I just knew we had to work together.”

Price is a Nutritional Therapist who works with the BBC, GB News, Talk TV, Times Radio and Sky News, XPTV1 Spain and Rockefellas TV USA.

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Ingredifind is revolutionising the way people eat out with dietary restrictions. Introducing the first ever ingredient focused system to help people with all types of food allergies and diets. Serving restaurants and consumers, restaurants can experience breakthrough technology with auto-detected allergens and diets for dishes. Ingredifind leads the dining experience with the Ingredifind App, helping people discover new restaurants, find suitable dishes, and more.

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