Jun 12, 2024

Ingredifind Announces Major New Hire – Jules Capriglione Joins as Chief Marketing Officer

Ingredifind Announces Major New Hire – Jules Capriglione Joins as Chief Marketing Officer

LONDON, UK - Ingredifind, the innovative tech startup that is transforming the dining experience for individuals with dietary requirements, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jules Capriglione as its new Chief Marketing Officer. Jules is renowned for his profound influence on digital marketing landscapes and his vibrant, customer-focused strategies. With a rich background in both B2B and B2C contexts, he brings an extensive array of experience to the Ingredifind team as it continues to grow. His ability to blend cutting-edge digital tactics with a deep understanding of consumer behaviour makes him an invaluable asset in our mission to transform the dining experience for individuals with dietary requirements.

"As we prepare to redefine the allergen-aware dining landscape, who better to lead our marketing initiatives than a proven leader like Jules." remarked Mark White, CEO and Founder of Ingredifind. "Jules' expertise will be crucial in amplifying our message that dining out should be safe and enjoyable for everyone, irrespective of their dietary needs."

Jules joins Ingredifind following a highly successful tenure at Visa Inc., where he spearheaded a 74% increase in bottom-line growth, significantly reshaping the digital payments landscape. His career highlights also include orchestrating a billion-dollar acquisition, underscoring his ability to execute substantial deals both within and outside the corporate boardroom.

In his new role at Ingredifind, Jules will focus on crafting global strategies that underscore the company's mission to simplify safe dining for individuals with dietary requirements. His initial focus will be on rolling out the "Dine Safely" campaign series, designed to be as visually appealing as they are reassuring for consumers with special dietary needs.

"Joining the team at Ingredifind feels like a natural alignment of my professional skills and personal interests, it's like coming home to a place where innovative technology meets culinary delight," said Jules Capriglione. "I am excited to leverage my extensive skills in UI/UX and growth marketing to help make Ingredifind a name synonymous with safe and enjoyable dining. It's refreshing to know that I can now participate fully in office parties without having to worry about my dietary restrictions!"

Jules' appointment represents a strategic enhancement to Ingredifind's marketing efforts, ensuring that the brand's innovative solutions are matched by equally innovative marketing strategies. Under his guidance, Ingredifind is set to navigate the complex market of food safety compliance and digital dining solutions effectively.

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