Jun 29, 2023

Ingredifind Chooses Birmingham for UK Launch

Ingredifind Chooses Birmingham for UK Launch

Ingredifind, the groundbreaking food discovery and safety app, is proud to announce its official launch in the UK. Founded by Mark White, Nick White and Hanna Ogburn, Ingredifind aims to revolutionise the way people discover, connect with, and ensure the safety of the food they consume.

Having successfully launched in Monte Carlo and Berlin earlier this year, Ingredifind will now bring its technology to Birmingham, a city renowned for its culinary prowess. The city will be one of the first UK locations that the app is available, welcoming local venues as early adopters to the platform.

Ingredifind makes eating out easier and more accessible for diners with allergies and dietary requirements. It provides them with access to food menus for cafes, restaurants, and hospitality venues, so that they can identify what’s safe to eat in advance.

The first restaurant to sign up to the platform is Itihaas restaurant, a multi award-winning Indian restaurant in Birmingham city centre. Owner, Raj Rana, comments:

"We take food safety incredibly seriously, but it can be difficult to navigate as a restaurant owner. When I met the Ingredifind team I was instantly impressed with how simple the platform was to use, and I instantly knew that it would change the game for the industry."

"When people have allergies, especially more complex ones, it can take them a long time to work through a menu to identify what’s safe to eat. This takes away from the enjoyable experience that we as restaurant owners want people to have. With Ingredifind, my chefs can now upload our menus directly to the restaurant platform for customers to browse in advance, so that when they arrive with us, they can relax and rest assured that they’re going to have a delicious — but allergen-free — meal."

Ingredifind officially launches next month and will be taking Birmingham by storm with three exclusive events, set to captivate industry professionals and food enthusiasts alike. An intimate industry dinner held at Itihaas will see hospitality and food safety professionals come together to discuss how to improve the experiences of diners with dietary requirements and use Ingredifind as a way to grow venues’ customer bases.

This will be followed by a seminar held at The Grand Hotel, where restauranteurs, chefs, and students from local food college and university courses will come together to find out more about the platform. The session will be led by co-founder, Mark White.

To complete the trio of events, Ingredifind will host a launch party at Harvey Nichols, bringing together an array of esteemed guests, including renowned chefs, influencers, local dignitaries, and members of the media. Attendees will experience an evening of innovation and indulgence, and celebrate Ingredifind’s arrival in the UK.

CEO & Co-founder, Mark White, comments:

"We are thrilled to launch Ingredifind in the UK, starting with the vibrant culinary city of Birmingham. With our three key events, we aim to showcase the transformative capabilities of Ingredifind, fostering collaboration and driving innovation within the food industry."

"We invite everyone to join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionise the way people connect with food. Helping those will allergies and dietary requirements access the information they need easily, and helping the struggling hospitality industry to not just stay on top of compliance but maybe also welcome customers they may not have otherwise."

Ingredifind represents a significant leap forward in food discovery and safety, combining cutting-edge technology with a passion for quality and transparency. By harnessing the power of Ingredifind, food enthusiasts and industry professionals will gain access to an extensive database of ingredients, recipes, sourcing options, and safety information, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy experience.

Ingredifind’s launch events in Birmingham will serve as a catalyst for its national rollout, with plans to expand its services to other major cities across the UK in the near future.

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Ingredifind is revolutionising the way people eat out with dietary restrictions. Introducing the first ever ingredient focused system to help people with all types of food allergies and diets. Serving restaurants and consumers, restaurants can experience breakthrough technology with auto-detected allergens and diets for dishes. Ingredifind leads the dining experience with the Ingredifind App, helping people discover new restaurants, find suitable dishes, and more.

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