Apr 12, 2023

Ingredifind launches App in Monaco with special event at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo

Ingredifind launches App in Monaco with special event at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo

On Tuesday 25th April at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo, Ingredifind, the revolutionary new tech platform designed to help restaurants empower the millions of people with life-threatening food allergies and dietary preferences, will celebrate its premiere launch with its community of app users in the Principality of Monaco.

Beginning at 7pm, attendees will be treated to an evening of gourmet appetisers, premium vegan wines and a prosecco bar.

With this special event, Monaco will become the inaugural global location to feature on the Ingredifind app, which is now available on the Apple App Store. The Android version is expected to be available on Google Play next week. The Fairmont Monte-Carlo is leading the way for restaurants, hotels and resorts to join innovative Ingredifind, and the menu of its own restaurant will be the first to achieve a fully certified listing on the app.

To attend the launch event at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo, guests will require an Ingredifind app profile and RSVP through the Club Vivanova events page. It is an open house and free event.

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Ingredifind is revolutionising the way people eat out with dietary restrictions. Introducing the first ever ingredient focused system to help people with all types of food allergies and diets. Serving restaurants and consumers, restaurants can experience breakthrough technology with auto-detected allergens and diets for dishes. Ingredifind leads the dining experience with the Ingredifind App, helping people discover new restaurants, find suitable dishes, and more.

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