Your restaurant allergen companion has arrived

Your restaurant allergen companion has arrived

Say goodbye to the hassle of finding safe and suitable dishes. Quickly and easily discover meals that meet yourdietary needs, all at the touch of a button.

A menu that is safe for you

No more sifting through endless menu items or guessing what you can eat. Our filtering capabilities make it easy to see what dishes you can enjoy based on your unique dietary profile. Be one of the first to try it out - sign up for early access today.

Find compatible restaurants

We'll show you which restaurants are a high, medium, or low match for your dietary needs to help you make informed decisions.

Clarity and transparency

Be empowered with the knowledge of what's in your food, making dining out a stress-free experience no matter what your dietary needs.

Verified establishments

Discover peace of mind when dining out with verified establishments, ensuring that your dietary needs and preferences are met with confidence.

Digital food allergy card

Simply input your food allergies into the app and generate a personalized card to show to the restaurant staff. Easily communicate your dietary restrictions to ensure a safe experience.

Find dishes from around Europe

Find dishes from around Europe

Our app and directory make it easy to find partners who, like us, care about transparency and creating a better dining experience for those with food allergies and dietary preferences.

Anything more you'd like to know

Can I put specific ingredients in my profile?

Yes, aside from selecting common allergens or diets, you can pick from over 1700 ingredients. You can mark any of them as ingredients you want to include or exclude from your profile.

Is Ingredifind free to use?

In line with our mission, the Ingredifind App is free to create a profile, scan menus, and find dishes right for you!

How does Ingredifind know a dish's allergens and diets?

Using our new automated allergen and diet detection system for restaurants, they only need to tell us the ingredients. By using our system, both you and the restaurants follow the same definitons for allergens and diets.

What do I do with my Ingredifind profile?

Your ingredifind profile is your fingerprint - from food alleriges to likes and dislikes. In your profile, enter all your allergies and preferences to discover restaurant and dishes that work for you.

How does Ingredifind get the menu information?

Restaurants enter all the ingredients for each dish. From there, we calculate the associated food allergies and diets for that dish. In the app you'll be able to see the allergen and the allergic ingredient used.